Saturday, 27 September 2014

a pagination module/library for node.js (x-pagination)

today i have realize that this world not enough for future data then i think we need to hire MARS or other planet .

so can not all data in one page it will more time consumption and not reliable and page will open so slow and if you have more data then page will time out so then we need a mechanism where we can handle all data smoothly and systemically that we need pagination all data will split with a limit and show in different page.
so i have developed a module that will help create pagination in node.js
this is recently cooked by me you can find this in bellow link

bellow all detail

Friday, 26 September 2014

x-image-processing a image processing package for node.js



a simple image upload and processing module in node.js
and this image processing module under development but all time it usable
So hope this library help someone like me.

this module just cooked and i know this is not better test but i will try to give more better test so if you have any idea and suggestion so you can write in comment  i will be thank full for me
this image processing inherit from node gm package but this is more usable and simple and easy to use

Any ideas are appreciated.
follow bellow link


  • image crop
  • image resize
  • image upload

x-mvc a mvc package for node.js



today i will give a small description on a recent cooked mvc package this is developed for node.js and also this is so easy just download and use it and also it development on going for more better test you can check this in -

(if you have any idea or suggestion please write in comment it is very great full for me)

this is a simple node.js mvc structure this is a extended version of just-mvc it is more better of just-mvc. in this mvc we have added more feture like:
  • create slug
  • flush message
  • more comfortable structure

Sunday, 14 September 2014

how to install perl framwork catalyst and how it work

today i will tell you how you install perl and catalyst in your linux system

first of all what is catalyst:
catalyst is a framework of perl its have some complication, in this article i will tell you how you install perl with catalyst

ok first of all install perl in your system so follow bellow command

$ sudo curl -L | bash

after perl install complete next install catalyst so follow bellow command

$ sudo cpanm Catalyst::Devel

now you have catalyst and perl so now you can test your framework so create folder perl for your project product and go to this folder and follow bellow command

Saturday, 13 September 2014

How to Export Your Data as CSV, Excell (XLS), or XLSX in python with django


today i will tell you how you will export data from database

suppose you are export a data format that only you can read or your programmer can read so it's not a good programming , a good programmer design a user interface where a baby can handle.

so give a data format where user can understand what is it and also he/she can download , that's why i choose EXCELL format and for program CSV format.

in python with django it's so simple and easy just follow bellow example

Friday, 12 September 2014

create application using mvc structure in node.js

i am come back after few days

in this days i have try to create a MVC system in node.js and after few days i have successful

i have use lot's of mvc in node but does not simple so then i have decide to developed new mvc, it simple

MVC is a nice structure in computer science in this structure anybody can create a application using small bit of coding, it's nice and reuse of code

ok what is MVC : it's just a structure
M: model
V: View
C: controller

in M(model) we will connect to database and take or manipulate data with database,
in V(view) it's only for design where programmer can define application presentation how it will look like
in C(controller) it's a heart of application where all process will done, actually C get or set data from M and M take/give data from/to database and send to C as C's requirement and C create a data structure and send it to V and V will just show it, and this is story

ok now i will define how you will follow my mvc structure

just go to your application folder from terminal and type bellow command

$ sudo npm install just-mvc